What to Expect

fishing guideWhat you can expect on your Branson Fishing Guide trip

You will meet your Branson Fishing Guide either at the boat ramp or they will pick you up at your resort / hotel.

The day will begin with a brief discussion on how and where you will be fishing, safety procedures on board the boat and an introduction to the layout of the boat.

You will then travel to the day’s first fishing location, be aware that unlike traveling in a car you will be exposed to the elements while running across the lake. With that in mind be sure to bring appropriate clothing for the weather conditions, as well as sun screen and sunglasses.

Upon arrival at the first fishing location your guide will move the boat into the proper position and ready the equipment.

Please ask any and all questions as they arise.

As the day progresses your Branson fishing guide will make the proper adjustments to insure you catch fish. You may have to move from spot to spot or change techniques through out the day to maximize your day on the water.

The Branson Fishing Guide will supply water and ice throughout the day. There is an ice chest on board the boat and guests are encouraged to bring any other items they may like to drink as well as anything they would like to eat.

As your day on the water draws to a close your guide will return you to the meeting place from earlier in the day.